What’s this Blog about?


Maybe you stumbled on this website, and you’re wondering: what’s this going to be about? The short answer: a blog explorin’ Instructional Design. That means me (and maybe more people!) asking and searching stuff up and sharing or making posts about:

  • What the heck is instructional design (and related names)?
  • What is an instructional designer?
  • Where do these people work?
  • What’s their life like? How’s work like?
  • Who fits the role of an instructional designer? (Do YOU have the qualities, skills, or background?)
  • How to become successful as an instructional designer?
  • What are the trending topics and issues in the field?
  • Webinar posts….it can be its own series possibly
  • The Instructional Designer’s Arsenal (tools, etc)

If you have any of these questions, hopefully this blog will answer them!


Play the Podcast Please #2

Welcome back to <<Play the Podcast Please>>! This is officially the second post, and  it’s almost 1 AM but I got excited once I found this podcast (after listening to ~2 episodes, but I think I hit the jackpot!). It’s:

Dear Instructional Designer

Hosted by Kristen Anthony

This is a great resource for ID newbies and those who might be interested in the field (as I believe it’s tailored towards this beginner audience). In  fact, the tagline is “the show about the instructional design journey,” and while it includes various topics in Instructional Design, what I love most about this podcast…what captured me right away…is the interviews! That’s right, she interviews people in the field, asking questions including how they got into ID, what their life is like, etc., so it’s great insight listening to other people’s journeys and experiences. Not only is it very interesting, there’s a wealth of knowledge that may be helpful in getting a better idea on the career as an IDer and you can secretly judge and wonder if being an IDer is right for you!


iTunes link


Play the Podcast Please #1

Podcasts are great. I love it because I can download the shit out of them and listen later even when I go somewhere without wi-fi. Podcasts are also one way to get information. Today’s << Play the Podcast Please >> recommendation is actually a recommendation by one my professors in a class last semester. It’s…

Trends & Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Learning Sciences

Hosted by Abbie Brown and Tim Greene

First, I want to say, if you are interested in learning more about Instructional Design, it’s a good idea to start exploring some of the trends and issues in the field as well. Get a feel for what’s happening, see what floats your boat, etc.

In each  episode, Professors Abbie Brown and Tim Greene talk about the trends and issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Learning Sciences they have observed, and also suggest some recommended readings (links to readings can be found on their blog). The show is quite interesting and is a perfect way to learn more about the field in bite-size pieces!


iTunes link






The Instructional Designer

Informal definition of Instructional Design aside (temporarily), let’s talk about the instructional designer!


Here are some short and sweet videos explaining what IDers do…what they can help bring to the table.


To expand on what IDers do, i think it’s also good to know some of their responsibilities. The responsibilities of IDers is described in this article by Bhavya Aggarwal. I recommend reading it. It’s well-organized.

Aggarwal’s article mentions Justin Ferriman and his belief that IDers will have to juggle a lot of roles now and in the future. Here is also an infographic from Arizona State University that I find quite helpful in envisioning some of the qualities and different roles the instructional designer takes:


(Click on the image to view source).

For the creation of the infographic, ASU asked 40 staff members who essentially worked as IDers there about their work and this was their findings! Indeed there are a lot of roles!

So here concludes our first post on the instructional designer.I hope it was helpful. I will continue add more in the future (probably in new posts)!




What is Instructional Design?

So, the name of this blog is called idexplorers, where the id stands for Instructional Design (i’ll use ID from now on), and we’re going to explore ID together. BUT, you might be wondering….What exactly is Instructional Design? What is it that I’m getting myself into? I know I would wonder too, and to be honest, that is something I am still wondering about too.

To be honest, even with a semester under my belt, if someone asks me what ID is, I will falter, because the term is difficult to define and it seems to have various other names and synonyms and also other fields that are similar. Not to mention, the definition also changes too. I mean, if you want to look at how definitions have changed throughout the years,  you can read Chapter One of Reiser’s work!

I digress. I think I will provide you with my interpretation of ID, based on my experience so far (which is a second-semester graduate student). By the way, I’m writing along as I go, so I apologize if my thoughts are a bit disorganized.

I want to say ID is both an art and a science of problem-solving related to learning, training, and educational content. It’s art because it is design–you’re trying to figure out a solution, where you might have to consider what you want to present, how to best deliver something for a particular goal (e.g. enhance learning), why you’re doing what you do (including the tools or technologies used), etc. At the same time, it’s science because those design choices need to be based off of learning theories, research and literature, and the systematic process of  analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. And so in layman’s term, from my point-of-view, it’s the art and science of trying to problem solve for a particular goal related to learning, training, education.