What’s this Blog about?


Maybe you stumbled on this website, and you’re wondering: what’s this going to be about? The short answer: a blog explorin’ Instructional Design. That means me (and maybe more people!) asking and searching stuff up and sharing or making posts about:

  • What the heck is instructional design (and related names)?
  • What is an instructional designer?
  • Where do these people work?
  • What’s their life like? How’s work like?
  • Who fits the role of an instructional designer? (Do YOU have the qualities, skills, or background?)
  • How to become successful as an instructional designer?
  • What are the trending topics and issues in the field?
  • Webinar posts….it can be its own series possibly
  • The Instructional Designer’s Arsenal (tools, etc)

If you have any of these questions, hopefully this blog will answer them!


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