Play the Podcast Please #2

Welcome back to <<Play the Podcast Please>>! This is officially the second post, and  it’s almost 1 AM but I got excited once I found this podcast (after listening to ~2 episodes, but I think I hit the jackpot!). It’s:

Dear Instructional Designer

Hosted by Kristen Anthony

This is a great resource for ID newbies and those who might be interested in the field (as I believe it’s tailored towards this beginner audience). In  fact, the tagline is “the show about the instructional design journey,” and while it includes various topics in Instructional Design, what I love most about this podcast…what captured me right away…is the interviews! That’s right, she interviews people in the field, asking questions including how they got into ID, what their life is like, etc., so it’s great insight listening to other people’s journeys and experiences. Not only is it very interesting, there’s a wealth of knowledge that may be helpful in getting a better idea on the career as an IDer and you can secretly judge and wonder if being an IDer is right for you!


iTunes link



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