The Instructional Designer

Informal definition of Instructional Design aside (temporarily), let’s talk about the instructional designer!


Here are some short and sweet videos explaining what IDers do…what they can help bring to the table.


To expand on what IDers do, i think it’s also good to know some of their responsibilities. The responsibilities of IDers is described in this article by Bhavya Aggarwal. I recommend reading it. It’s well-organized.

Aggarwal’s article mentions Justin Ferriman and his belief that IDers will have to juggle a lot of roles now and in the future. Here is also an infographic from Arizona State University that I find quite helpful in envisioning some of the qualities and different roles the instructional designer takes:


(Click on the image to view source).

For the creation of the infographic, ASU asked 40 staff members who essentially worked as IDers there about their work and this was their findings! Indeed there are a lot of roles!

So here concludes our first post on the instructional designer.I hope it was helpful. I will continue add more in the future (probably in new posts)!